A Stay at Urbanpod- India's first Pod hostel at Mumbai

Working in a job which makes you travel a lot has its own perks. Apart from opportunity to have an understanding of the local markets, it allows an opportunity to check out the delicacies, the heritage sites and budget hotels in the region.

So a recent trip to Mumbai turned out to be an opportunity to explore India’s first claimed Pod Hostel- Urbanpod

Listed on about every possible travel website, Urban Pod gives you 3 possible option- Normal Pods, Private Pods and Small rooms to choose from. Priced competitively- this hotel does come up on search of every budget traveler to Mumbai. Do note that the price difference between both the private and normal pod is manageable.

Urbanpod Mumbai

So having already tried the Normal Pods on one of the South East Asian trips, I decided to give the Private pod a try. Also the thought of getting a small space to stretch in case of feeling claustrophobic made me book pod with bit of extra space.

Finding the Urbanpod is really easy. Just put Seepz Bus Depot on Google maps, Uber or Ola and they lead you right outside the hotel. The check-in is fast as a breeze. The payments however need to be made in advance.

The staff then hands you the starter kit (towel and TV remote) and proceeds to explain the rules of the hostel.
• No shoes inside the pods premises
• Breakfast is complementary with timings at 7-10 AM
• Dinner not served after 6 PM

They then proceed to take you inside the corridor premises. The corridors are well maintained and smell fresh giving positive signs of things to come. There are rooms after rooms of Pods and private rooms, each marked by their unique number.

Urbanpod Mumbai

The charming lady from the reception staff led me to my Private Pod-2400 and made my swipe my entry card at the main door.

Inside was a small corridor type room with huge windows and a Pod. ‘Perfect !!!! ’ I thought. She proceeded to explain the use of the pod, the lighting system, the power points inside the pod.

Urbanpod Mumbai

She then proceeded to guide me towards the common wash rooms and wash basins. The clean, well maintained and neatly stocked bath area made me leap with joy.

Urbanpod Mumbai

As it was late evening, I decided to proceed to my pod for a good night sleep. The pods are airy and person of 6.2 Ft height can easily stretch inside the pod. The cushions are soft and comfortable. The pod is well insulated and helps give a good overnight sleep.

The breakfast served the following day was good though the spread was not big. You can however pay and order for few more items.

Urbanpod Mumbai

Now unfortunately or fortunately for this experience, the hostel does have some drawbacks. The recent heavy rains at Mumbai caused heavy flooding in front of the hotel and it was a real pain to go inside the hotel with heavy water clogging. Also, the area does ten to get crowded with vehicles in evening due to office rush.

However, this hotel means serious business and is a delight to stay at !!!! Do try the hostel for the concept, budget travelling or just for the experience :)

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